Erica Smith

4 Ways in Which Hiring a Commercial Electrician Will Save You from Breaking Your Bank

Of course, the energy demands in a commercial space are much higher than those of a domestic setting. Therefore, when managing a commercial building, you will naturally have higher energy bills. However, if you are not keen on your electrical expenditure, you might end up paying much more than you should.  When you hire a professional commercial electrician for the electrical wiring and repairs, you minimise these costs and save money. Read More 

Make the Right Call: Copper Versus Aluminium for Industrial Electrical Conductors

Power is one of the most helpful resources in any industrial facility. You need it to run different equipment, light the area, produce heat and perform other functions for your business operations. For you to enjoy a reliable power supply, you need good quality installation premised on the best conductors you can find. The conductors' role is to carry power from the primary source to various outlets where you can use it conveniently. Read More 

Two Reasons to Have Your Office’s New Light Switches and Plug Sockets Engraved

If an electrician has recently fitted new light switches and plug sockets in your office, you should have them engrave these items with the names of the lights and devices that they supply power to. Read on to find out why. To make the office safer for your cleaners to sanitise Having an electrician engrave all of the office's plug sockets and light switches could help your cleaners to do their work in a safer manner. Read More 

Power Installation: Benefits of Using Underground Power Lines in Your Home

Underground cables can be used for various purposes, from providing telecommunications networks to supplying power. However, most people across the globe only use underground cables for power supply where using overhead lines is impractical. Using underground power lines during your home's power installation can offer many benefits, and here are some of them. Decreases Power Outages Most power services today use smart grids as a way of decreasing power outages. However, weather-related issues, such as ice forming on power lines or strong winds, are the main reasons people lose power. Read More 

5 Signs That Your Electrical System Needs Repairs

Failing to address signs that you might be having electrical problems in your home can be extremely inconvenient, not to mention dangerous. Outdated, damaged, or poor electrical installation is not something that should be taken lightly. Left unattended, these electrical repairs could worsen and leave your home vulnerable to electrical fires. Here are a few signs that your electrical system needs repair.  Excessive Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips It is common for circuit breakers to trip. Read More