3 Questions To Ask Your Electrician

Does your home need some electrical repairs? It could be a damaged appliance or electrical malfunction. Given the risks associated with DIY electrical repair work, you must hire an electrician to conduct the repairs. The questions in this piece should help you interview an electrician to establish whether they are the right fit. 

1. What licence do you have? 

Your immediate task is to determine whether the electrician has the competence needed to conduct electrical work. Electricians have varying licences in Australia. Therefore, assess the electrician's work licence to determine what kind of electrical work they can perform. For instance, the electrician needs an electrical mechanic or linesperson licence if you need them to install electrical wiring or test overhead cables in your home. On the other hand, an electrical fitter licence allows the electrician to repair switchboards and motors. In some cases, your HVAC contractor or plumber could have a restricted electrical work licence that permits them to repair, maintain or install appliances such as your AC or dishwasher.  

2. What is your initial diagnosis? 

Although you might not comprehend electrical repair work, it is always wise to inquire about the defect. For instance, if your AC system has issues cooling or warming your home, the problem could be a clogged filter or a damaged heat pump. Once the electrician informs you about the issue, inquire about the prevention mechanisms. For instance, a power surge could be the reason behind heat pump damage. In this case, the electrician could recommend a surge protector to protect the appliance from sudden power surges. On the other hand, regular tripping of your circuit breakers and hissing sounds from power outlets indicate a wiring issue. In this case, the electrician could recommend that you rewire your home. Reputable electricians can conduct quick fixes and ask you to consider long-term repairs to prevent the reoccurrence of the issue. Besides, it is a sure way to keep your property safe from electrical fires. 

3. Do you offer guarantees? 

A guarantee indicates that the electrician is confident in the services they offer. Most electricians will readily give a guarantee. However, they set some conditions. For instance, the electrician cannot provide a guarantee on a circuit breaker if you are unwilling to rewire your property. 

Inquire about the electrician's repair conditions. For example, how long will it take to complete repairs? Does the electrician have a liability policy? For instance, what happens if they damage an appliance as they conduct repairs or test its functionality? Your electrician must have liability insurance to compensate you for damages caused by their negligence.  

For more information about electrical repairs, contact a local electrician.