Power Installation: Benefits of Using Underground Power Lines in Your Home

Underground cables can be used for various purposes, from providing telecommunications networks to supplying power. However, most people across the globe only use underground cables for power supply where using overhead lines is impractical. Using underground power lines during your home's power installation can offer many benefits, and here are some of them.

Decreases Power Outages

Most power services today use smart grids as a way of decreasing power outages. However, weather-related issues, such as ice forming on power lines or strong winds, are the main reasons people lose power. There is still no practical way of preventing outages due to adverse weather conditions. Installing your power lines underground reduces incidences of power outages in your house because of the weather-related problems.

Increases Aesthetic Appeal

Installing power lines under your yard will also increase aesthetic appeal in your house. Unlike overhead cables, installing wires under the lawn means you don't need to have poles on the side of your home. Electrical accessories, such as above-ground terminals, are the only things that will be visible. Therefore, underground transmissions help to preserve your landscape's natural beauty.

Enhances Safety

Burying your power lines underground is safer than having them overhead. Cables underneath your landscape have strong electrical shields and are not in anyone's way. Apart from areas with exposed terminations, like substations, underground wires pose minimal risk. These wires don't pose a risk of electrocution or traffic accidents. Underground cables also minimize fire risks to people and homes as they are out of reach.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

When it comes to power delivery, maintaining buried power lines is cost-efficient, as there is less reactive maintenance work to be done. Also, since the wires are buried, they experience little degradation compared to exposed wires. Therefore, underground cables will serve you for a longer period and need fewer staff-hours during maintenance. For this reason, you should consider getting an expert to install high-quality underground wires for your home's power.

Prevents Costly Damages

Power lines in Australia span over millions of kilometers, so it would be expensive to change to an underground power system completely. However, you can choose to put up these power lines in your house as they will help save your money in the long run. Though the initial cost of putting up underground power cables is high, it cannot compare to the repair cost for overhead power lines.  

Installing underground power lines in your home will bring numerous benefits. Therefore, hire an expert electrician to help you with power installation. Choose experts who have handled similar projects before and have been in the industry for a long time.