Why Your Roof Could Be Suitable For Solar After All

Have you been thinking about the installation of solar panels, but are not sure whether your roof is suitable? After all, not every property has a conventional roof which is either perfectly flat or angled in the traditional way. This may present additional challenges when fitting solar panel,s and you may have to look at it from several different angles, quite literally. Where should you start?

Sizing It Up

You can certainly generate enough power from the Australian sun to provide all your household needs, but it's a good idea to calculate your requirement at the outset. In this way, you can get a system that is large enough, but always overestimate, especially if you have a relatively small family. Remember, you may sell the property down the road, and you should have a solar system that is sufficient for more people in the new household unit.

What to Consider

Look at the way that your house is configured. To be most effective, a solar array needs to point towards the north in Australia, and you should be happy if there are no sizeable obstructions in the way. Having said that, you may have an oddly shaped roof that does not, on the face of it, appear to be ideal for this type of installation.

Do You Need to Tilt?

It is possible to install a tilt frame if you need to manoeuvre the solar array into a certain position. Some people believe that the ideal angle matches their latitude, for example. Bear in mind, however, that doing this may create a certain amount of shadow that could mask some panels at specific times of day. If this happens, you won't have as much capacity as you would otherwise.

Alternative Option

Instead of choosing a tilt frame, perhaps you should simply make use of the flat areas that you do have. You may find that you can install more panels on these flat areas without the risk of shadow. It's possible that you could achieve your goal more effectively than if you actually tilted the entire array towards the north.

Cleaning Issues

It's not always essential to tilt the panels at a certain angle to make sure that they are able to operate efficiently. Most panels are self-cleaning, which means that if they are mounted with even the slightest of angles, they will be cleaned during a rain shower.

Getting Clarification

If you're still confused and not sure of the way forward, chat with your installing electrician so that you can make the most of the opportunity.