What to Do When Your Washing Machine Goes Stir Crazy

If you're like the typical Australian home keeper, you've got a very busy day ahead. After you get the kids off to school, you've got to do the weekly shopping and then spend the rest of the day cleaning. You've put a big load into the washing machine and set it to go and now need to be working on something else. Yet suddenly, you hear an unholy row coming from the laundry room and wonder what on earth is going on. What should you do if your washer has suddenly taken on a mind of its own?

Disco-Dancing Machine

A washing machine that is shaking uncontrollably is not a pleasant situation to deal with. It's also likely to alarm your neighbours beneath if you live on an upper floor. This behaviour can be so violent that it can actually cause the washing machine to move across the floor.

Is It Sitting Comfortably?

There are a few reasons for this volatile behaviour. The first thing you should be looking for is the stability of the machine and whether or not it is sitting level on all four feet. After you have turned it off, put the machine onto its side safely and see if all the feet are in their proper place. There is usually a levelling screw on the base that allows you to adjust this, but if all else fails, you can put a piece of cardboard or something similar underneath the offending foot for the time being.

Unbalanced Load

If this does not appear to be the problem though, have a look at the load inside. Sometimes, if you overload the machine, it can lead to balance issues, but it could be that some of the dirty clothes have simply piled up on one side rather than the other. This can unbalance the drum and lead to issues.

Interior Issues

It's also possible that there is an internal issue with the machine that'll call for a repair. The drum is held in place by suspension and spring components, and there are a number of parts that could fail. A shock absorber could be on its way out, and it'll be very difficult for the other components to keep the spinning tub in place at very high speeds. It's also possible that some of the straps that cushion the movement are worn, or they could have detached from their proper position.

Your Next Move

If you're still not sure what is happening, it's time for you to place a call to a technician for appliance repairs.