Hot Water Systems Add Comfort and Flexibility to Your Home

Like other critical home systems, hot water systems are only fully appreciated when they stop working. Indeed, hot water systems have many important functions within the home. Not only are they incredibly convenient, but they also save on energy costs, provide clean and fresh water, and last for long periods without needing constant repair/replacement.

A level 2 service provider can help you install and maintain the right hot water system for your premises. These electricians have the expertise to connect underground service lines between your home and the outside electricity network.

How Hot water systems work

It is important to understand how hot water systems work so you can consult with an electrician to select the best system for your home. There are basically two types of electric hot water systems; storage and continuous flow systems.

Storage systems

In a storage system, hot water is heated using an electric element, and is stored in an insulated tank ready for use. Storage systems allow for dedicated taps to be used for cold and hot water, often at the same time. Storage systems are very common in Australian homes, where the tank can be located inside/outside the premises. It is important for these systems to have energy efficient and well-insulated tanks that minimize the loss of heat when water is not being used.

Continuous flow systems

In a continuous flow system, hot water supply is activated only on demand. A heating element is normally connected to the cold water supply on one end, and leads to the hot water piping on the other end. When the hot water taps are opened, the water is instantaneously heated and supplied to the tap.

   Benefits of Hot water systems

  • Constant supply of hot water: hot water systems are very convenient solutions. Need to take a quick shower before work? Simply open the tap and start getting clean.
  • Energy savings: storage systems equipped with the right tanks can save on energy usage when heating and storing hot water. In addition, continuous systems don't need to store hot water in a tank, making them even more energy efficient.
  • Clean and fresh water supply: hot water systems deliver fresh water at the right temperature for your needs, without compromising on water safety.

How a level 2 service provider can help

Need to install a hot water system? Level 2 service providers can connect your home to the surrounding electricity network. This can give you live and continuous access to electricity in order to power your hot water system. They also offer repair and maintenance services to your equipment.