5 Reasons You Should Never Handle Your Own Electrical Repairs

With the rise of the DIY movement, it is no surprise that people want to do everything around their home without hiring a contractor. DIY projects are fun, satisfying and cost almost nothing because you didn't pay anyone to work. However, there is one area of the house that you should not touch, and that is electrical repairs. Electricity is extremely powerful and dangerous, so any issues with electrical should be handled by professionals and with extreme caution. Here are five mishaps that could happen to you if you attempt to do electrical repairs yourself;


It takes one wrong move to have yourself electrocuted and possibly killed by electricity. Whether it's a minor case of replacing or extending circuits or you just wanted to sort out a flickering light, it is important to contact a professional if you don't have any electrical training. This risk is increased if you don't have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) installed in the home.

Risk of domestic fires

One of the most common causes of fire especially in highly populated areas is faulty and illegal wiring. Only a qualified professional would know how to do proper wiring in a house or even in a room. Any person without training can try and probably succeed to take power to an extension room, but it is such cases that end up causing a fire and burning down an entire block of buildings.

Legal Violation

Due to the dangerous nature of electricity, several codes and permits must be obtained and followed, and they are only given to professional electrical contractors. Doing a DIY electrical project without following the laws or getting a license means you are going against the law and there are strict repercussions if you get caught.

Extra Cost

A big number of DIY electrical projects will eventually go wrong and end up damaging your house and equipment. If the wiring is done wrong and the circuit doesn't work properly, the power can fry your electrical appliances and bulbs leaving you with extra costs to hire a professional to do repairs and buy new appliances.


Have you ever seen a situation where you turn the microwave on, and the TV goes off automatically? Such things only happen when there is an issue with wiring and connection such as cross-wiring. Usually, when proper installation is done professionally, everything should be able to work together without affecting each other.

If you notice something is wrong with your electricity, the wise thing to do is to call a professional electrical contractor immediately to come and inspect before doing the repairs. Avoid at all cost the temptation of doing it yourself because it can lead to severe injury or even death.