Heat pump servicing: why you need electricians

A rising number of homeowners are having their houses fitted with heat pumps, and are totally satisfied with them as to discard older air conditioning systems. This is because heat pumps fulfil the dual purposes of warming your home during chilly months, and then cooling it during the hotter times of the year. With a heat pump, you are better prepared to live through extreme temperature variations observed in several parts of the country.  Additionally, you now have in your hand the choice to cool your home at will and ease. As a homeowner, having your heat pump in proper working condition at all times of the year is a major interest. Heat pumps use electricity to aid their operation, and as such, you will occasionally need to have your heat pump inspected and serviced by qualified and licenced HVAC electricians. These experts will perform the following tasks satisfactorily.

Adjust the thermostat

The electricians will inspect the integrity and fidelity of the heat pump circuitry underlying your temperature control knob. If abused and neglected, the temperature control feature of heat pumps goes haywire, frustrating your proper use of it. Electricians will calibrate it to reliably give you your specified degree of warmth or coolness.

Check the starter

As with all systems that rely on electric motors, heat pumps will on some occasions have hard starts or not start at all. The heat pump starter assembly includes capacitors, failure of which contributes to difficulty when starting your heat pump system. The fans of your heat pump are also operated by electric motors. Besides faulty capacitors, the motors themselves will need to be assessed for signs if imminent failure.

Examine wiring

Your heat pump has power transmission and control wires. The insulation material of wires that are close to very hot or cold heat pump sections will melt or crack, leading to shorts, shocks and fire. For wires running outdoors, exposure to strong sunshine and severe chills will have the same effects. Moreover, rats and mice can nibble at and sever wires. Other causes of cable damage are accidental bruising and overloading. Even when a short circuit or severance doesn't result from these causes, the exposed copper wire will eventually succumb to corrosion by moisture. Electricians will thoroughly examine your heat pump wiring and replace damaged wires. They will also offer useful advice concerning wiring, for you and your property's safety.

Safety tests HVAC electricians will test your heat pump circuit breakers, alarms, switches, timing devices and sensors.

In addition to the above, the electricians will tighten electrical junctions, measure volts and amps, and examine the overall quality of your heat pump installation.