Electrical Upgrades to Consider for Rural Homestead

When you purchased your rural homestead, there were likely already electrical lines and backup generators of some kind. This is fairly standard on rural property and especially with active homesteads. Over time, you may find you need to make some upgrades in order to ensure you have your homestead operational if there are power outages or other issues. Here are a few upgrades your electrician can install to help you maintain your homestead through various weather conditions and situations. 

Smart-Enabled Switches

Smart-enabled switches can become vital for various reasons. If you have all of the switches on the homestead connected to your smartphone or tablet, you can operate them from within the home or on the property. You can also activate them when you are away from the property. This can be vital if the power recently went out and was restored. You can turn the power on from your tablet and ensure that your homestead is up and running as soon as the power department restores the connection. You can also turn on and off lights in stables, storage areas or throughout the home as needed. 

Backup Generators

Backup generators are vital for most homes but especially vital for rural homesteads. These generators are not just the traditional options. The backup generators in this case are ones that are larger and can be installed and kicked on when the power goes out. These generators are connected to the main electrical for the homestead. Your electrician can wire them on a switch system. When the power goes out, the switch will flip and turn the generator system on. There are several types of full home generators that can be used, so discuss your specific options with your electrician. 

Light and Chandelier Lifts

You may not think of a light or chandelier automatic lift as an upgrade. They should be considered. Many older homesteads have higher ceilings, stairwells, and other areas where large light sources were placed. These may be electric chandeliers or could be lighting that uses oil or even candles, depending on the age. By putting these on a lift that can be operated with electricity or off the generator, you can move the light source up and down to change the oil, candles or bulbs. You can also maintain the lighting source easily this way. 

When you are ready to have your home assessed for these upgrades, contact your electrician. They can schedule a time to assess the homestead. They can then discuss the options with you and what may be the ideal options for your homestead and situation. They can also answer questions you have regarding the installation and upgrade process.