Is Your Electrical System Still Properly Grounded?

If you have been carrying out some renovations at home, you may have disturbed some of the electrical wiring that runs behind your drywall. You may have inadvertently moved some of the wiring out of place as you worked in the general area and want to make sure that everything is still okay. Crucially, you'll want to be happy that the system is still safe and that it is okay to use sockets or switches in that vicinity. What is one of the most important things to look out for as you inspect the installation?

Grounding Effect

Above all else, make sure that the outlets and switches in question are still properly grounded. You may not know too much about the concept of grounding, but it is an easy and safe way to make any electrical system ready for use and avoid any interruptions in service.

Inspect from a Distance

When you look at the in-wall cables as they enter the outlet, pay close attention to the condition of the wires. You will notice three wires, and one of these is the grounding wire. This provides an "escape" route for any electricity in the event that there is a short circuit. The entire electrical installation in your home will typically be attached to a metal rod sunk into the ground, which is, in turn, linked to terminals within the service panel. The approach varies depending on the type of installation you have, but in every case, you must ground the electricity properly before using it.

Safety First

Remember, do not touch any exposed wiring or try to move wires that may come out of the back of an electrical outlet or switch. If you are unsure whether you may have inadvertently damaged anything due to your recent work, it's time to call in an electrician.

Path of Least Resistance

Also, remember that the earth is a better conductor of electricity than any member of your family. But without a properly grounded system, the electricity will take the path of least resistance, and this could mean flowing through a human hand that is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Professional Advice

When you book a visit from a qualified electrician, they will take a good look at the entire installation. If need be, they will advise you of any needed upgrades or other work but will always ensure that the home is safe and that everything is grounded correctly.