Most Common Electrical System Failure on Your Automatic Gate

Electric gates provide an extra level of security for your home and a convenient remote operation. All automatic gates depend on electric motors or operators that are bound to experience some form of malfunction, limiting functionality. Some of these malfunctions can be frustrating and lead to electrical system repairs to restore access. Even so, automatic gates are not immune to problems, and any electrical issues should be addressed immediately to prevent total failure and replacements. 

Faulty Remote Control 

The most common cause for remote control failure is an interfering signal. If you are dealing with a reduced range on your remote control, an electrical interference could be the culprit. A faulty electrical device in the vicinity will lead to faulty remote-control operations and should be turned off to restore remote function. 

Stuck In Manual Mode

Sometimes during a power outage, you are forced to switch your gate into manual mode to aid operations. Your gate should resume normal operation once you re-engage the motor or release the manual lever. If it stays stuck in manual mode, you could be dealing with a dead electrical system that needs immediate repairs. 

Electric Lock Not Engaging 

When an electric lock isn't working, it might be jammed, or there might be an electric issue that is preventing it from latching properly. You could be dealing with a power supply issue, such as the magnetic lock failing to receive power as it should and not holding the gate shut. 

Control Box Damage 

A control box damage will cause the gate to open and close without any input. It may happen that the control board has suffered serious burn damage or there is a trip in the electrical distribution box. An insect grinding through your control box could also short it out, leading to a power surge on the system or high voltage overloads. Whatever the case, your control box will likely suffer terminal electrical damage, calling for major repairs or replacement. 

Power Outage 

While it's no system failure, you might be tempted to call in an electrician only for them to find out the power at the gate has been switched off. Sometimes the biggest secret to a malfunctioning electric gate is a power outage, and all you have to do is ensure you have power from the socket. 

Repairs of all electrical systems, including your gate, should be done by experienced and certified electricians. They will help identify issues requiring professional attention, thus preventing downtime and guaranteeing safety.