Is Your Car Battery on the Fritz? Here are the Top Signs That You Need a New One

Few things are as frustrating as settling in your vehicle early in the morning ready to beat the traffic only to find that your battery is dead. Your battery is the heart of your car, and if it is in bad condition, it will not supply electrical energy to the vehicle. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that it is in optimal condition. Also of importance is being able to identify the warning signs that indicate it should be replaced. This can save you from being found in frustrating situations when you need to use the vehicle. Here are the top signs that indicate you need a new car battery.

Check engine light

Are you in the habit of ignoring the check engine light when it comes on? Besides indicating that the engine may need maintenance, this essential warning light may also come on if your car battery is weak. A weak battery affects the performance of the engine as well. If the check engine light has been on for a while, it may be time to have the battery checked as it may be dying.

Slow engine

Have you noticed that your engine takes a long time to start? Is the cranking of the engine sluggish and does not respond as fast as before? These are signs that your car battery is not supplying adequate electrical energy to start the engine as it should. As a battery begins to die, its voltage output reduces, and this causes the engine to take a longer time than usual to start. You need to replace or restore the battery to get a quick response from the engine when you start the car.

Battery leaks

Car batteries have fluid that can leak due to corrosion, the age of the battery, or physical impact. Leaks can cause several problems to the battery and vehicle. First, they cause corrosion around the positive and negative posts. When this happens, the corrosion substance has to be removed; otherwise, the car won't start.

Also, leaks cause the battery fluid level to go below the recommended one. Once the level falls below the lead plates, the battery's integrity has to be assessed. You can avoid leaks by keeping an eye on the fluid level. Have an electrical contractor inspect the charging system to ensure that it is working correctly.

Swelling of the case

A battery case will swell or bloat if the battery is too old or has been exposed to excessive heat. This is one of the obvious visual signs that you should always look out for when carrying out regular maintenance for your vehicle. Even though it may continue working, a swollen battery has a short lifespan, and it can die at any time.